One of the reasons exploring the ocean is so exciting is that you never know what you will find, or what tools might be used to collect interesting data. From the Secchi Disk to advanced 3D sonars, ocean explorers are always on the lookout for new technology. Open The Oceans loves to use the submersibles of OceanGate, Inc. to create Inspiration Through Exploration®!

In February 2016 the first Open The Oceans team travelled to New Orleans to present at the Underwater Intervention and Ocean Sciences meeting. Check out highlights of their talk above.

We are excited about 2016!

We have lots of exciting plans for the spring, including submersible tours for local Boys and Girls Clubs, a hack-a-thon in collaboration with Seattle Central College and University of Washigton’s Ocean Technology program and our 3rd academic challenge: developing virtual sub-ride content using a 360 degree camera. Students will design a package that will be installed inside OceanGate’s Cyclops, suitable for deployment when they venture to the Andrea Doria later this year.

Stay tuned for more great innovations from our student teams, and as always, thank you for your support!