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Monterrey Shipwreck Expedition:

OceanGate Foundation was named the Educational Partner on the further investigation of the “Monterrey Wreck” located 170 miles off of Galveston, TX, in 4,300 feet of water. NOAA, the Bureau of Energy Management, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, the Texas State Historical Society, Texas A&M University, and others all came together to investigate what was thought to be a single wreck site.

In five days of ROV work, not only was the initial target found and investigated, but two additional ships were found. It is apparent these three were traveling together – one was either an escort or a pirate; the other two held cargo. All sank in what appears to be a single storm disaster. See our video for enticing details. Much more will come in 2015, when we go back for further investigation.
As the Educational Partner, we will be developing accredited curriculum for the Texas school system’s K-12 students. Once approved, it will then be available to schools across the country.

Check out this dive video from the 2012 expedition.