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A Submarine at the heart of Seattle, Science Expo Day 2013:

On a bright and clear spring day the air around the International Fountain in downtown Seattle was full of whizzing, whirring, chirping and cheering. These were the sounds emitted from the dozens of robots, remotely operated vehicles and excited voices of thousands of people getting their hands on some of the most inspiring tools in modern scientific discovery. Lining the grassy slopes and paved sidewalks of the Seattle Center a multitude of white canopy tents housed over 130 organizations participating the Seattle Science Expo Day organized annually by the Pacific Science Center. This year’s event brought together an impressive array of aquatic robots, near space satellites, medical technology and even a submarine in one fantastic science and technology explosion.

OceanGate Foundation participated in this year’s Science Expo day by bringing an active submersible for display and discussion along with a treasure trove of activities simulating real deep sea dives. It took an early start and a big rig to transport our two person Kittredge Submersible into the heart of Seattle but was well worth the effort.

By the end of the day over 1000 people stopped by to check out one or more of our hands on activities, including:

1. A set of flight headphones piping the sweet sounds of submersible diving. Listen to the sound byte!

2. A film rolling dive footage from our OceanGate Foundation Video Gallery.

3. A station to build the brain teaser known as a Cartesian Diver; These divers are a lesson in buoyancy control and also an opportunity to pilot your own mini submersible! To build a Cartesian diver follow along with this OceanGate Foundation lesson.

A short distance away from the hubbub of submarine central there were myriad opportunities to explore and experience science. A popular tent offered visitors an opportunity to have their photo taken from inside a giant soap bubble, while another organization brought a dozen microscopes for counting the teeth on krill and examining marine plankton.

The term STEM for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is by far one of the most popular and exciting new developments for engaging our population of young adults in and out of the classroom. This event brought together organizations actively engaging with young people through STEMs principles and stimulated young minds through hands on experience.

OceanGate Foundation was proud to have been a contributing part of Science Expo Day 2013.