Our core program piece, the Open The Oceans Team Challenges, is a series of academic challenges designed to parallel the processes of scientific investigation and technology development:

    • In response to our request for projects, student teams submit proposals to explore dive locations or solve challenges associated with operating a deep-sea submersible.
    • With guidance from teachers and our community of deep-sea researchers, students design experiments that can accompany our expeditions or those of our partners.
    • Project proposals are reviewed using criteria designed to challenge students in applying their skills in math, science, technical writing, and presentation.
    • Selected student teams may carry out these projects themselves or direct the submersible staff.

Through our partnership with OceanGate Inc. (OGI), our major partner, OGF is uniquely positioned to run challenges of this nature — driving enthusiastic engagement of students through submersible expeditions at a variety of new and exciting locations.