The Open The Oceans Community connects students directly with interested peers and with mentors who work in science, technology, and exploration related to the oceans.  For the core of the community we recruit the students and educators who participate in our challenges as well as the professionals whose work overlaps with a given challenge. 

The OTO Community provides formal support and outreach for our Challenges and additional opportunities for mentoring, collaboration, and shared learning.  Interested students can learn about the work and experiences of past challenge teams and seek advice for participating themselves.  We rely on academic and industry professionals to provide constructive suggestions  and to review proposals.  Community members of all types can access and use our content, attend our events, suggest opportunities for challenges and new projects, and add their own stories of their early inspirations and career paths.

OGF is committed to developing and sustaining our community, providing stimulating content and connections to inspire the next generation of ocean and STEM explorers.