Design, Build, Deploy

The third Open The Oceans team is ready to design, build and deploy a 360° timelapse camera we have dubbed Medusa-Cam. The goal of the third Open The Oceans challenge is to design, build and deploy an in-sub camera that can collect 360° photos and timelapse video suitable for creating a Virtual Reality (VR) sub-ride.

VR technology has been around for a long time, but recent technological breakthroughs in the consumer electronics space have made VR ready for wide adoption. Low cost options like Google Cardboard and Samsung GearVR can turn your phone into a VR headset to view interesting content, while higher priced options like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have the capability to transport their users to exotic worlds, creating a whole new medium for story telling.

The mission of the OceanGate Foundation is to ignite curiosity, so we are excited to have Team Medusa build their camera to be able to collect footage in this new and exciting way. The commercial space is moving fast, with a number of low-cost 360° cameras becoming available this year, but the team has decided to build their camera using open-source commodity parts for better control. Check out their proposal to see the design and stay tuned for weekly updates as we make progress on the build out!

Medusa Cam Proposal
Oceans ’16 Final Paper