Project Description

Standard Operating Procedure and MT6 Dive Documentary

Team members: Elizabeth Forsyth, Andrew Loys, Hao Mai, Clare Obradovich, Clare Zipf-Sigler.

Advisers: Rebecca Hartzler and Christian Sarason.

OTO Second Team w/Cyclops

Four members of Challenge #2 Team, with OGF Director Christian and intern Don, next to the submersible Cyclops before their dive.

The view from Cyclops as the sub descend into the depths.

The view from Cyclops as the sub descends into Elliot Bay.

The Open The Ocean (OTO) Challenge is still at its early age, and can really benefit from having a permanent procedure in terms of taking qualitative data. The team aimed to establish a novel method of data collection using the audio-recording capacity of our smart phones to record qualitative descriptions of what we see on the dive. Post-dive, their effort  focus on standardizing this procedure so that future teams can make use of it should they so choose.

The second OTO team proposed to perform three challenges: further exploration of the MT6, produce inspirational documentary-style video, conduct qualitative data gathering (for more details of each, please refer to their proposal below).

Elizabeth waving

Elizabeth waving as she is getting into the submersible, Cyclops.

The visual and verbal artistic talents of members of the team were used to reliably and consistently capture the experience. Visual images (of the shipwreck and the surrounding environment) that were perceived through their eyes were immediately converted into reliable sketches and verbal description.. Videos, photos and audio recordings taken on the iPhone were all automatically time stamped and synchronized to the timestamp of the ship, sub, and other devices . In addition, audio files were named in real time for easy identification at later stages.

Following the dive, the team organized the multimedia files  based on their timestamps. In this way, their observations and verbal descriptions can be effectively linked with the photographs and sonar data. Written transcriptions will be provided for the areas of interest,images and audio files which will be accessible to future teams.

Cyclops on the water, preparing to dive.

Cyclops on the water, awaiting tow out to dive site.

Full Proposal