Project Description

Open The Oceans Challenge #3: Developing a 360° SubView Camera System

The mission of Open The Oceans is to ignite curiosity, passion and excitement about the ocean.  One of the fundamental challenges we face in exciting humans about the ocean is that it is difficult for us to visit and see the wonders of the ocean “with our own eyes”. Studies have shown that communicating a message online has significantly higher engagement if you use images instead of text alone; with video the engagement is even higher. GoPro and other “action cam” companies have used this fact to build very interesting products and a whole new way of story telling.

It is challenging, however, to give people the experience of diving in a submersible — it is not quite indescribable, but photographs and simple video fall short of the full experience. Recently the New York Times took the next step in visual story telling by developing VR content. Using a smartphone and a small cardboard “viewer”, we are able to be virtually transported to different parts of the world. It is a powerful medium only now beginning to be used to tell stories.

Our goal is to create a system that will allow us to create a “DiveView” experience akin to Google’s StreetView. Such DiveView videos can then be used to document our dive activities and increase engagement for our stakeholders.


Design/Build Underway: Medusa-Cam

20160422_164211 The third Open The Oceans Team has been selected. Their proposal to build a Medusa-Cam was well thought out and ambitious, and now we are excited to build it!

Pictured here are (left to right): Nguyễn Trung Nam, Tri Luu, Adonay Amsalu, and Yassin Bahid. These students are all part of Seattle Central College’s RST Academy.

Download OTO Challenge #3 Full RFP